My full portfolio is below, but here are a few recently published favorites:

Cosmopolitan, Surf The New Wave: Cosmo’s Guide To The Modern Period (November 2015 health feature), 7 Unique Greek Foods So Good, They’re Worth the Flight (August 27 travel story), Are Personalized Wellness Retreats Worth the Hefty Price Tag? (August 31 travel essay)

Cosmopolitan, It’s Only Skin Cancer (June 2015 health feature/print version)

Glamour, This Is How Much Cardio You Really Need (July 2015 fitness story)

Redbook, Train Your Brain to Be Calmer and Happier (July 2015 health story)

Men’s Health, She’s Hot. Are You Ready? (July 2015 sex/dating story)

The Wall Street Journal, The Best River Cruises: See the World and Only Unpack Once (May 11, 2015 travel story)

Fit Pregnancy, Casey Cracks Us Up (May 2015 cover story)

Travel Writing and Editing, The 10 Best Surf Vacations for the Complete Beginner, 10 Places That Prove Summer Camp Isn’t Just for Kids Anymore

The Wall Street Journal, items for The Off Duty 50 feature (suitcase, the new Whitney, luxury Ladakh, narwhal safari)

The Wall Street Journal, Walking safari sidebar (scroll down)

Condé Nast Traveler, Word of Mouth section (editing)

Condé Nast Traveler, Yoga retreats slideshow (picked up by HuffPost!)

Condé Nast Traveler, Fit Vacations slideshow

Condé Nast Traveler, Detox Vacations slideshow

Condé Nast Traveler, Faves and Raves from Travelers We Trust: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Robert Battle

Condé Nast Traveler, Overwater Bungalows Come to Dubai, Delhi Guide (editing, expanding and updating)

Career/Work Writing

Glamour, 2014 Salary Survey feature (online version)

Glamour, Uh-Oh, Your Boss Has “Feedback”

Glamour, Change Your Money Habits This Year

Glamour, Be Happy at Work

Marie Claire, Interview with Vena Cava Designers

Marie Claire, Is Playing by the Rules Killing Your Career?

Marie Claire, Mika Brzezinski Speaks: How Getting Fired Saved My Career

Men’s Health, 5 Reasons to Quit Your Job

Men’s Health, How to Wear Jeans to Work

Fitness Writing and Editing

Fit Pregnancy, Workout to Soothe Pregnancy Symptoms

Fit Pregnancy, Stacy Keibler’s Prenatal Pilates Plan

Fit Pregnancy, Postnatal stair workout

Natural Health, Alvin Ailey Dancer’s Fitness Secrets

Natural Health, Boost Your Workout, Naturally (editing)

Natural Health, Detox yoga workout

Natural Health, Beach workout

Celebrity Q&As and Profiles

Fit Pregnancy, Stacy Keibler Profile

Marie Claire, James McAvoy Q&A

Men’s Health, Charlie Hunnam Q&A (PDF/layout)

Nutrition Writing

Fitness, Carbs: A Love Story

SELF, The Real Genius of Fad Diets

Book Q&As/Writing

Marie Claire, UN Whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac

Marie Claire, Jillian Lauren Q&A

Marie Claire, Is Your Boyfriend Secretly Gay?

Marie Claire, Kristin McGuinness’s 51 Dates

Marie Claire, Rachel Machacek: The Science of Single

Health Reporting/Writing

O magazine, Coming Into Focus (ADHD feature)

Cosmopolitan, We Love the IUD

Fitness, In the Hot Seat

Family Circle, Click Here for Better Health

SELF, Health coverage for FLASH blog

SELF, “SELF Saved Me!”

SELF, Healthy You Flash June 2012April 2012Feb 2012Jan 2012May 2011June 2011July 2011Sept 2011

SELF, Keep Supper Safe!

SELF, How Worried Should We Be About Scans?

Men’s Health, Master Your New Year’s Resolution

Men’s Health, Cure or Crock?

Health Editing

SELF, Ambien Alert

SELF, Which Is Worse April 2013March 2013May 2013June 2013July 2013August 2013September 2013

SELF, Healthy Detox tear-out cards

SELF, Lump in your Throat?

SELF, Is This Miracle Food?

SELF, Pot, Legal? It Could Happen

SELF, You’re Sleeping All Wrong

SELF, Stand Up for Your Health

SELF, Party Hard!

SELF, Who Is Checking Your Status?

SELF, Do You Have a Killer Career?

SELF, Too Young for Heart Disease?

SELF, Is It My Hormones?

SELF, Erase Your Health Mistakes

SELF, Your Magic Sex Number

SELF, Trash It or Stash It?

SELF, Sick Day Survival Guide

Personal Essay/Profile Editing

SELF, What I Gave Up Because I Felt Fat

SELF, I Watched My Friend Self-Destruct

SELF, Dying to be Thin

SELF, The Decision No One Else Can Understand

SELF, I Have a Strong, Athletic Body. I Wish I Loved It.

SELF, Cancer survivor profile

SELF, Ditch Your Plans, Follow Your Heart

SELF, At 17, I Never Thought My Life Would Turn Out Like This

Marie Claire, Eat, Purge, Live

Expert Column Editing

SELF, The Doctor Is In (April 2011)

SELF, The Doctor Is In (May 2011)

SELF, Medical Q&A (Nov 2012)

SELF, Mental Health Q&A (May 2013)

SELF, Medical Q&A (June 2013)

SELF, Mental Health Q&A (July 2013)

SELF, Medical Q&A (July 2013)

SELF, Medical Q&A (Sept 2013)

Sex/Relationships Editing

SELF, The Best Nights for Hot Sex

SELF, Oh, Yes! Your New Sex List

SELF, Watch This, Have Great Sex

SELF, We Dirrrty Dare You!

SELF, How Not to Break Up

Men’s Health, Be Her Best Ever (writing)

Lifestyle/Products Editing/Writing

SELF, Awkward!


SELF, Breast Cancer Awareness/Pink Products 2011

SELF, Breast Cancer Awareness/Pink Products 2012

SELF, Let’s Go Glamping!

SELF, Shades for Every Sport

Weddings, Real bride blog posts

East Side Bride, Indian wedding guest post


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