Want to help women make more money? Read on.

I’m looking for a huge range of women in their 20s and 30s (up to early 40s — age limitations simply because the story needs to reflect the magazine’s readership/demographics!) who are willing to talk to me about their salaries for an upcoming women’s magazine story. What I’ll need:

– Name (first and last)
– Age
– City (US only)
– Job title (and explanation if not obvious — also, company name is not necessary)
– Annual salary (plus income from any side jobs/gigs)
– Phone # (not for publication)
– Headshot (either attached, or link to Facebook/social media profile)

If you’re interested in helping, please send the above to me at annamaltby AT gmail DOT com.

I’m steering away from anyone in NY or CA, or anyone in media or tech (AKA low-hanging fruit!). I also have a ton of willing candidates in marketing/PR so really don’t need anyone else there. And let’s be honest: Most people who have reached out so far have been white women. The goal of this story is to give a realistic overall picture of what women in the United States are making today — all women. So I’m doubling down on my efforts to make sure the story shows diversity in location, industry and race.

The big idea here is that transparency is a good thing when it comes to salaries — the more info women have about what other women make, the more ability they have to negotiate for better starting salaries and raises. So I like to think that if you become part of this story, you’re aligning yourself with a pretty damn good mission.

Thanks and please feel free to send this link to anyone who might fit the bill. FYI, I’d prefer not to share the name of the magazine publicly but am happy to tell any candidates who reach out.


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